Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farni Series

Here in SA we have a "guy" culture of "manly things"...and often finding a manly stamp with a bit of humour for the men in our lives is a little difficult...so I was thinking of 6 stamps..I've done three....and here they are..everything in the "stamp making prcess" is pretty new to me, I'm still feeling my way around costing and..well..to tell you the truth. just getting the whole stamp making process right!!  Looked easier than it is..specially getting a lot of fine detail with areas and features where a lot of coulor can be added to the stamp...mmm.....these ones deserved champagne when they came out without falling apart...and since then, I've been getting them right more often than getting them wrong..so there's hope!  Love to here your thoughts...
Cheers for now


  1. Hi Moraig...I have an order for Farnie, so you better get a movw on with costing, etc...hear soon
    shamela ;p)

  2. Good luck on this journey of discovery and growth, you're on a roll with these great images. Look forward to seeing all the new ones that you come up with.

  3. quite funny,, i'm sure they're gonna be good sellers.congrats

  4. Hope you have great success,they look really good. good luck

  5. Moraig - great images - good luck with your venture ... I am sure you will do well!

  6. AAh this is SO wonderful to hear from people I have never met and who say the most wonderful things. You are all a HUGE encouragement..THANK YOU!!