Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm getting there!

It's been a while...Spring has Sprung and isn't the countryside looking SO beautiful!  So I thought I would just let you know the progress of Farni and Strawberry Whirlz in general.  After much oohing and aahing about trying to source the materials to actually get the drawings off the board, into the PC, onto a negative, under the light and voila...turned into a Polymer Stamp..I discovered something very interesting.  The people that developed the whole process sneakily patented the whole process instead of wasting time trying to source the stuff from overseas ant a cheaper rate, if I had known about the patent, I would have just orded it from them to start off with..seeing there is actually nowhere else to get it from.  Silly me...BUT - it is on it's way, and the I have managed to find all the other bits and pieces that esure it all works and a clear stamp with beautiful fine lines does actually pop out at the end of the whole process!!

SO - we are cooking with gas - some things are arriving on Friday the 10th - and fortunately those are the things I need first to create the drawing into some sort of workable fomat...and then the next lot of things are arriving next if all goes well, by about the end of September, Shamela will have some of the very first Strawberry Whirlz Clear Cling stamps in her shop and the website will be up and running for online ordering as well. 

On the design side..."Arthur and Martha" have been born on paper - everyone's Gran and Grandpa..doing things that gran and granspas do....I'll put some pictures up when I have more than 3....which is all I've got at the moment.  Farnie is still going strong - and there are three more drawings partly in my head, and partly in pencil...once they are in ink..that's the final piece...but he's getting there too...just slowly.

So that's my news....I hope you are all still full of wonderfully craftty and beautifully enspiring ideas....talking of which...if anyone has some ideas that they have been searching for and have never found in a stamp - please let me know..I can't say it will happen...but I can see what I can come up with.  I'm trying to keep my range of stamps as "generic" as possible.  The market is flooded with Christmas etc stamps so mine will be for all occassions, suit all beliefs and customs and just be as "across the board" as everyone places them in a card, adds other stamps and embellishments and turns them into the occassion they need will add to crafters challange!

That's it from me...look after each other
Ciao for now

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantasy Faces

Ok - I feel such an idiot - it took me about 10 minutes to look all around this Blog page to see where I "post a new post".  Now that've found it....I just wanted to say that I have one more item to buy and then a few days of "practising" and I will be ready for production..oh yes - I just have to get the packaging printed.  I'm going to be making the clear stamps a very pale pink..hence the saying  - "our stamps are tickled pink!" Apart from Farnie - I'm still sitting at the drawing board creating a few more of him - I also am going to have stamps like the ones here - fantasy faces with lots of areas for beautiful colour, glitter and embossing powders.  Shamela, very dear person, is pushing me to get cracking asap and I really am getting there but seeing SO many brides are getting married at the momet and we're still getting their dresses made and making sure their day goes off perfectly... - please bare with me.... take care of each other, ciao Moraig

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farni Series

Here in SA we have a "guy" culture of "manly things"...and often finding a manly stamp with a bit of humour for the men in our lives is a little I was thinking of 6 stamps..I've done three....and here they are..everything in the "stamp making prcess" is pretty new to me, I'm still feeling my way around costing tell you the truth. just getting the whole stamp making process right!!  Looked easier than it is..specially getting a lot of fine detail with areas and features where a lot of coulor can be added to the stamp...mmm.....these ones deserved champagne when they came out without falling apart...and since then, I've been getting them right more often than getting them there's hope!  Love to here your thoughts...
Cheers for now